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At MATCH, young people with developmental disabilities hang out with each other, build friendships, and learn social skills.

We do whatever YOU like to do. Bring your own hobby!

Our mission is to empower young people with disabilities to lead lives full of connection, joy, and purpose.

How are we different from other service providers?


Instead of matching clients to a 1:1 caregiver, we match clients to each other in small social groups. Clients are matched based on age, interests, and compatibility.


What do we do exactly?

Whatever you want to do! Clients in the young adult day program enjoy making movies, playing basketball, acting, karaoke, painting, hiking, going to the beach-- and a million more things! 

Will I learn anything?

Yes! We set goals together to work on the skills that are important to you. While hanging out with other clients, staff offer social skills coaching to help you connect with the people around you. 

How much does it cost?

MATCH is free for clients of the Regional Center. To request services, contact your Regional Center Service Coordinator. If you are not a client of the Regional Center, we also accept private pay.

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