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Our middle school & high schools groups are open to individuals who want to make friends, learn & practice social skills, and have fun!

We do whatever YOU like to do. Bring your own hobby!

  • Mon, Tues, Th, Fri: 3pm-5pm

  • Wednesdays 1-5pm

  • Grades 6-8

High Schoolers

  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 3:30pm-5:30pm

  • Wednesdays 1-5pm

  • Grades 9-12

  • First hour: personal projects or social skills lesson

  • Second hour: community-based recreation

Middle Schoolers

Sample Schedule

* High School Program time 3:30-5:30

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Group Recreation

Group rec is determined depending on your interests and changes to accommodate group-led projects, like preparing for a musical performance, creating a short film, or getting ready for an art exhibit. At least 50% of recreation happens outside of the office out in the community.

Examples: band practice, art, filmmaking, sports, shopping, karaoke, eating at a cafe, building, board games, etc.

Special Interest Projects

Special interest projects offer you the chance to explore your interests, even if they aren't typical.. Special interest projects could be broad, like a series of painting projects, or narrow, like researching the history of trains. People with autism often have intense areas of interest that, historically, have been discouraged. At MATCH, you can take pride in your talents and interests! 

Examples: creative writing, character illustration, research projects, sport trivia, human history, trains, Legos, instrument practice, computer coding, etc.

Think Social! Curriculum

Think Social!  is a curriculum designed for people with autism and other disabilities that affect social skills. Lessons teach you to decode verbal and nonverbal language so you can better communicate with others. These lessons give you & staff shared vocabulary & ideas to be referenced during recreation, where staff coach you through social situations that happen naturally.

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