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Our young adult program is for post-high school individuals who want to make friends, learn & practice social skills, and have fun!

We do whatever YOU like to do. Bring your own hobby!

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  • Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

  • Ages 18-35

  • Recreation-based with focus on social skills, self-advocacy, & health

  • Short weekly curriculum lessons to provide shared vocabulary & concepts

Young Adult Day Program


Sample Schedule

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Group Recreation

Physical Activity

Special Interest Projects

Outings with TLC

Primarily occurring in the afternoon block, group rec is determined depending on your interests and flexes to accommodate group-initiated projects, like preparing for a musical performance, creating a short film, or getting ready for an art exhibit. At least 50% of recreation happens outside of the office out in the community.

Examples: band practice, art, filmmaking, sports, shopping, karaoke, eating at a restaurant, building, board games, etc.

As part of MATCH’s promotion of healthy habits, it is important that you (& staff!) move your bodies for at least a half an hour each day if able. All activities are modified to accommodate differing abilities and are based on your preferences for physical activity.

Examples: sports, hiking, gym, dance, beach walks, etc.

Special interest projects give clients the chance to explore their interests, even if they aren't typical. Special interest projects could be broad, like a series of painting projects, or narrow, like researching the history of trains. People with autism often have intense areas of interest that have been discouraged for being anti-social or unusual. At MATCH, we encourage you to take pride in your talents and interests!

Examples: creative writing, character illustration, research projects, sport trivia, human history, trains, Legos, instrument practice, computer coding, etc

Most Fridays, MATCH partners with Transition Learning Center (TLC) for outings in the community, typically followed by lunch at a local restaurant. TLC is FBUSD's post-high school transition program for young adults.

Examples: volunteering at the Food Bank, beach cleanups, holiday and birthday parties, kayaking, Skunk Train, local plays & fairs, etc.

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